Your First Appointment

What to expect at your first appointment
The consultation will begin with a detailed case history covering the existing problem and general medical questions to ensure it is safe to treat you or may be related to your condition. This is followed by an examination which will look at muscle tension, joint movement and you will be asked to perform some basic movements. The examination will usually involve getting undressed to your underwear, so bring some shorts if you feel more comfortable. After this you will be given a diagnosis and your treatment will be explained to you.

Treatment can involve soft tissue manipulation similar to massage, stretching and manipulations or “cracking” of joints if appropriate (technically called a ‘high velocity thrust’). David also uses dry needling, a form of acupuncture. Advice may be given including exercises, postural advice and computer workstation setup.

The aim is to get you better as quickly as possible, the number of treatments depends on factors such as the severity of injury, length of time you have had the problem etc. The average number of treatments for a simple back problem is between 3 and 6. You will not be tied into paying up front for multiple treatments as different people respond differently to treatment.